Oct 27
Updated Adaptive Insights Certifications

​Larry Kistner has recently re-certified in the following areas of the Adaptive Insights software suite:

Adaptive Foundation

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Reporting

Adaptive Office Connect

Adaptive Discovery (dashboards)

In addition, Larry has completed Adaptive instructor-led training of Adaptive Integration and Adaptive Consolidation.


May 30
Netsuite History Loaded at Transaction Level

When converting to a new system, many Netsuite clients request loading their history at the transaction level. However, this is rarely undertaken due to the great amount of data and effort involved to exactly rebuild the historal account balances. Recently we encountered a client where this transaction detail was necessary and who was prepared to fund the cost to complete. ​In Netsuite there are approximately 10 different transaction types under which transaction history needs to be separately imported, often involving multiple linked-file imports. Preparing the source data including  links by record between bills and bill payments or invoices and receipts can be complicated, depending upon the source. We were able to recently complete this undertaking in a Quickbooks to Netsuite conversion and found the Netsuite software effectively supported the process.

May 30
Variance Analysis for Personnel

Recently, an Adaptive Insights client requested ​variance analysis to be built into their Personnel planning and reporting. This is particularly useful for organizations that do not have a Human Capital Management system, but want to report the causes for variance between actual and budget/forecast. Some of the variances included New Hires Not Planned, Replacements above Planned Compensation, Future Impact of Compensation Differences, etc. This was accomplished by maintaining both Actual and Planned versions of the Personnel modelled sheet and using calculated accounts to isolate the variables.  

May 27
Welcome to my blog!

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